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What is Intensive Outpatient Services and who can benefit?

Most Intensive Outpatient program services address a specific need for the client such as drug and alcohol addiction.

However, we at Stairway Resource Center feel it goes much deeper so we try to treat each person as an individual with unique values who may have met with various life circumstances which have challenged them causing a domino effect which resulted in the need to get sober. It's just not that simple.

A person can stop drinking or using drugs but truly living to your full potential will require a deeper look at those things or situations that have deeply affected you followed by the work that will come with it. If you are willing to take the next steps to achieve your life's goals we are here to help you as you discover more about yourself, your desires, and of course your full potential.

There are several studies that address acute mental disorders, our team of licensed therapists is able to work with you one-on-0ne to better your chances at coping and learning about what treatment methods will work best for you. 

It's not a one size fits all treatment program.

A healthy lifestyle also includes healthy food choices and a better understanding of our

relationship with food, we have a licensed nutritionist who will develop a food plan. 

Our team is here for you 24/7, the help doesn't stop because you have completed your daily

treatment and go home, life doesn't work that way and we know this. 

Our support team is there after you have completed the program.

Life happens and when it gets tough and you are not sure what next steps you should take you can contact our team and we will support the appropriate actions for you to take, or just be a kind voice on the other end of the phone to hear what is troubling you. 

Stairway Resource Center understands that recovery is a challenging and highly personal journey. We have challenged ourselves and the status quo to offer as many program options as possible to be able to truly meet each client where they are.


Our Outpatient Drug Rehab located in Southern California provides an intermediate step between our IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) and Addiction Support Programs. Participating in our Outpatient Treatment Programs allows individuals to continue solidifying their recovery lifestyle with the ongoing guidance, motivation, and accountability of their treatment team and community of sober peers. 

Those who enroll in our outpatient substance abuse treatment experience a full continuum of care.

Many people battling addiction first start their recovery journey within our Detox and Residential Treatment Programs to solidify their foundation prior to starting Intensive Outpatient Treatment—which we equate to a fundamental step in maintaining long-lasting sobriety centered in both clinical and emotional support.


Because no one’s journey is the same, we offer individualized outpatient program options to meet each person’s needs exactly where they are, whether continuing treatment or seeking outpatient or day treatment.

Our services include transitional workshops and coaching for persons entering back into the workforce, applying for housing, addressing court orders, family reunification, and all other areas that can support a successful re-entry into their life.

Outdoor Aerobics


We have assembled a diverse and knowledgeable group of practitioners with years of experience and compassion to guide you through the most important steps of your life. 


Do you think that when you stop drinking

or using substances the focus on health stops there? 

It doesn't, nutritional planning, lifestyle practices, relationships, sleep, and building healthy self-esteem are just a few of the Healthy Choices we will introduce to you. 


The SRC Support Team has resources for pretty much anything you might need or are want information about. Schedule an appointment with our staff to discover the opportunities that are waiting for you. 


Do you have a dream of going back to school to learn a trade or achieve a degree? Our support team can assist you with the process so you can start working on your goals before you finish your journey at Stairway Resource Center. 


We offer tailored aftercare programs and planning to meet your desires. 


We often hear how lonely had become before a person had made the decision to change their life, Stairway we are a community that supports one another. Once you step through those doors it doesn't stop just because you finished your program. Our team and our clients are apart of a community that is ever-growing. 


Taking charge of your future.