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If you want to be apart of the solution and help people who are struggling and have nowhere to turn  you can donate today and make a huge difference 




If you want to support the Stairway Resource Center your donation can help to transform people's lives. My 

Did you know that many companies increase the impact of their employees' gifts to Stairway Resource Center by matching their contribution?

There are other ways you can help, if you would like to be apart of the SRC Community contact a member of our team to learn more. 

Helping Others is a large part of our mission. 

Stairway Foundation is committed to helping to change lives.


Have you or someone close to you suffering from addiction?

Did you feel helpless and had no idea how you could help or be a part of the solution?

If you would like to participate in the Stairway Foundation donation program you can sign up for a monthly amount for as little as $5.00, or contribute a one-time donation to help someone who would never have this valuable opportunity. 

We sponsor and scholarship hundreds of persons every year with the contributions our team receives from past clients and their families who have turned around their life when they thought it would never be possible to do so.

Help someone who is helpless and has run out of options to have a second chance at life today.

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Reach out to a member of our team and learn how you can make a positive impact! 

How would you like to help?

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